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How do I add money to a gaming machine? Can I add or request money from a friend when I am in a play session? What if I don’t see my deposited funds on the gaming machine? How do I collect my balance? What if I cannot see the amount of my transferred money at the OKTO app, but I received -a notification that the transfer is complete? How OKTO works on Gaming Machines? Why should I download the OKTO app? What are the benefits for the users? What types of betting transactions does a user perform via the OKTO app? What is Responsible Gambling? What to do If I want to close a play session? Where can I see my betting transactions? What to do if I want to use the OKTO app for gaming? Can I scan OKTO’s QR code via my camera? What will happen if two users scan the same QR code? How can I enable the Betting/ Gaming time-out option? How to create a Group Bet? How can I order an OKTO Prepaid Mastercard®? How can I activate my OKTO Prepaid Mastercard®? I have forgotten the PIN for my OKTO Prepaid Mastercard®. What can I do? How can I order an OKTO IBAN? How can I see my OKTO IBAN details? Where can I use my OKTO prepaid Mastercard®? How can I get a Virtual Prepaid Mastercard®? How do I lock/unlock my OKTO Prepaid Mastercard®? Have you lost your card or your card has been stolen? Check here how to report it. I want to replace my card. How do I proceed with a replacement? Can I see the card details within my OKTO account? How can I top up and manage my OKTO Prepaid Mastercard®? How can I withdraw funds from my OKTO account? How do I withdraw by bank transfer? Where can I find the customer ID? How do I deposit cash (cash-in)? What is Instant Bank Transfer? How do I pay with Instant Bank Transfer? Is it safe to pay with Instant Bank Transfer? Can I connect multiple cards to my OKTO account? I encountered a problem with my top-up. What can I do? Do I receive a receipt for my transactions? How are payments made between OKTO users (P2P)? I tried to send money to one of my contacts, but it failed. What happened? Is the P2P money transfer for free? What’s the highest amount of money I can send someone? How can I request money from a friend? How do I cancel a request? I sent money to the wrong person. What can I do? How can I perform in-store payment? Where can I pay with OKTO? How can I split-bill with my friends? Why has my split bill request been cancelled? Is the OKTO app secure? Is my money safe? Accessing the OKTO app via a new mobile phone? Can I deactivate my 4-digit PIN? Can I change my 4-digit PIN? What personal data is stored in the app? For how long do you store my data? Are my personal data/ information secure and encrypted? What app permissions are required to start using the OKTO app? How can I control app permissions for the OKTO? How do I change my password? What can I do if I forget my password? What can I do if my account is locked? How do I log in? What can I do if I forgot my password? How do I change my password? What can others see about me? How can I change/edit my personal information? How can I close my account? Can I re-open a closed account? What are my usage limits per level? How can I level up/raise my limits? Is the level-up/raise my limits option for free? Where can I find the push notifications? Can I access my OKTO account from other devices? Can I change my country of residence? How can I verify my account? What are the verification level requirements? What ID verification documents are required for Level 1 (Standard)? What proof of address documents can be used for Level 2 (Premium) verification? What proof of wealth and source of funds documents are accepted in Level 3 (Platinum)? Why were my documents rejected? Why I cannot verify my address? How can I change/ edit my address? I did not get through the ID checks required. How shall I proceed? Why my selfie is not verified? How long does it take to verify my OKTO account? What is OKTO app? Who can open an OKTO account? Is the OKTO app for free? How do I download the app? What information is required during the registration? How to create your OKTO password? How can I verify my email? How to set a 4-digit PIN security code? Can I deactivate my 4-digit PIN? Can I change my 4-digit PIN? In which languages is the OKTO app available? Can I connect my bank account(s) to my OKTO app?
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