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I did not get through the ID checks required. How shall I proceed?

You will be asked to verify your details and identity to start using OKTO. Once your registration is completed, you can continue the ID verification process immediately or you can do the process anytime later. See below for some tips about passing the ID verification process smoothly.

1. Make sure you completed all the details accurately (i.e check your date of birth, check how it is written your first and last name and double check your ID details).
2. If one type of doc does not work, it may help to try an alternative one from the suggested types.
3. Make sure all the details are clearly depicted and readable on the documents.
4. Your selfie should be clear, not blurry and without any glare.
5. Do not wear your eyeglasses when taking a selfie.
6. Choose a spot with light and it is advised to turn off flash.

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