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Why my selfie is not verified?

To avoid any delays during the activation of your OKTO account, you must upload clear and legible photos of your ID documents and a clear and not blurry selfie. Please bear in mind the following:

· National ID card: Take a clear shot of both the front and back of the card
· Passport: Take a shot of the page including your photo and personal details

Selfie: Take a shot directly from your mobile device, use the front camera and turn flash off (in case your front camera has this feature). If you wear a pair of eyeglasses or any other accessories (hat, sunglasses, etc.) you should remove them. Ensure the light is not too bright or too low. Don’t use a mirror or a picture frame to take a close shot of your face . To successfully verify your ID, we need a clear instant selfie directly from your mobile device. Make sure that the maximum image size is 4 MB.

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