What is OKTO Wallet?

Your tool for instant withdrawals

OKTO Wallet is an application that aims to improve the payment experience by allowing real-time deposits and withdrawals, instantly in a safe and fast way.


How to register?

Register easily and quickly

You are just a few steps away from any transaction! OKTO wallet is available for free on Android and iOS Stores. All you have to do is visit your App Store and install on your mobile.


Pay in-Store

Go cashless

Carry out transactions easily and safely with the OKTO app. Scan the OKTO QR code in partner stores with the app to instantly credit your balance.


Pay Online

Do you want to make online purchases?

Select OKTO as a payment method for your online transactions.


Top Up Your Wallet For Free

Want to regain control of your spending?

Simply choose the amount to top up your wallet and deposit via Visa, Mastercard, or Apple Pay, all free of charge


Send Money to Friends For Free

Want to send money to friends or split the bill for free?

Enjoy free, instant money transfers to friends and family through the app.


Get your VISA Prepaid Card available both physically and virtually

Interested in using your card for transactions at ATMs around the globe?

Get instant access to your balance through the OKTO Prepaid VISA® card, available both physically and virtually

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