OKTO.WALLET is an app that allows you to pay via your mobile, designed to make your life faster, simpler and more secure.

It’s also meant to make life sweeter, through cash-backs and rewards!
Join OKTO.WALLET and enjoy paying, using QR codes in retail, and online, alongside an array of features that aim to make your payment routines easier.


How To Join?

Have you ever considered payments as an effortless process?

You are just a few steps away from any transaction! OKTO.WALLET is available for free on Android and iOS phones. All you have to do is visit your app store, download the app and install it on your mobile.


Pay In-Store

Feel free to unlock a world full of payment options, benefiting from a cashless solution!

A unique QR code is the key towards an easy and safe payment. Look out for OKTO QR codes in a partnering store, scan the code with your app, add the amount and pay in a flash.


Pay Online

Want to buy an adorable dress or a pair of shoes on sale online?

You are just a QR scan away from your purchase! Your payment will be settled instantly and safely in the blink of an eye!


Top-up Your Wallet

Want to take control of your budget and manage your spending?

All you have to do is decide the amount you want to load into your wallet and then use it accordingly. You can fund your account via multiple sources, such as payment card and bank


Send money to a friend

Want to make your friend a gift or pay-back for last night’s drinks?

Send and request money from your friends within the app, as well as even split the bill with them in real-time.


Pay your bills & Buy prepaid cards and vouchers

Pay your utility bills easy and simply and get real-time notifications via the app!

Check your bill payment status, anywhere, anytime! And there is more. You can also renew your talk time for mobile or landline telephony and internet.


Manage your payments 24/7

Manage your account and payment tools seamlessly.

Monitor your transactions anywhere, anytime and real-time, store your receipts and keep an eye on your spending, so as not to get carried away!


Pay and Play

Want to place your bet and pay instantly, avoiding the use of cash?

Pay on betting terminals and slot machines, using the OKTO.WALLET app. Are you and your friends keen on betting? Sharing a bet with them is available now at your fingertips!



Discover OKTO.WALLET and make your life faster, simpler and more secure!

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