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What is Responsible Gambling?

Responsible gambling is a well-known concept that entails a set of social responsibility initiatives to ensure the fairness and integrity of the gaming industry and to raise awareness about the potential harms of addiction and the negative consequences of uncontrolled gaming behavior.

OKTO offers a number of responsible gambling tools to help you monitor and control your gambling activity:

Gambling Profit and Loss Calculator:
This tool allows you to filter betting transaction on and off the OKTO wallet for a particular period and check whether the net result is positive or negative.

Set spending Limits:
This allows you to self-manage gambling spending and set daily, weekly, monthly and annual limits. These limits cannot be changed for 24hrs once set.

Betting/Gaming Time-Out:
You can select to self-exclude from your OKTO transactions with gambling merchants that accept OKTO for either one week, one month, six months or permanently.

Close account:
You can also close your OKTO account.

You may close your OKTO account at any time through the app. Closing your OKTO account is a permanent action that cannot be retrieved at a later stage, given that you won’t be allowed to re-open an already closed account. You can close your account directly from your OKTO app as follows:

1. Log in to your OKTO account
2. Go to ‘Settings’
3. Select ‘Profile’
4. Go to ‘Account’
5. Click on the “Close Account’ tab
6. On the pop- up window confirm that you would like to Close your account.

Note that If you are certain that you want to permanently close your OKTO account make sure that your balance must be zero. If you have a positive balance or active services in your wallet, you should transfer the remaining balance yourself before going forward with the account closure request.

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