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How can I verify my account?

Know your Customer (KYC) process is important for us and enables the protection of our customers against fraud, ensuring safe and secure transactions and services. The verification process is easy and fast. It takes just a few minutes. After completing the registration process, you can immediately start your account’s verification process, to unlock OKTO’ s functionalities and to discover the financial limits of each account’s level. Remember you can upgrade for free your account for higher limits.

1. Log in to your OKTO account
2. Select ‘Settings’
3. Select ‘Limits’
4. Select ‘Raise my Limits’

For more information about OKTO’s levels and your account’s limits, you can check below:

We’ re required to ask all our customers to verify their accounts for compliance purposes, to provide and improve our services for them. OKTO accounts that have not been yet verified, have several limitations and they can’t be used to their full potential, thus users with unverified accounts cannot top up their wallet, transfer, send or receive money.

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