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Why were my documents rejected?

OKTO’s onboarding goes through the app, thus verifying your limits is a structured yet quick and easy process. Just follow the instructions as described in the app, taking into consideration the below:

1. Make sure that all the information you inserted, match the information provided by your legal documents.
2. Consider that the location you reside permanently supports the downloaded app’s currency interface.
3. Make sure the photos of your documents and every detail included are clearly depicted and readable and it is not blurry or scratched and there are no marks or glare on top. It is advised to turn off your mobile’s flash.
4. Remove your glasses and take your selfie in a bright, well-lighted place.
5. In regards to the proof of address verification, you have the option either to take a close, clear and readable shot of the document directly in the app or alternatively there is the option to upload a pdf file.

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