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How can I enable the Betting/ Gaming time-out option?

As a component of the responsible gaming initiative, the betting/gaming time-out option is an important self-exclusion tool of your OKTO account, in case you need to take a short break from your gaming activities. Don’t forget that once you activate the betting/ gaming time out option, you will be unable to bet/gamble during the pre-selected period of time.

You can activate the betting/gaming time– out option by following the steps below

1. Log in to your OKTO account
2. Go to your ‘Profile’ (either from ‘Settings’ or directly by clicking on your photo on the left side of the overview page)
3. Select the ‘Account’ tab.
4. Click on the ‘Betting/Time Out’
5. Toggle the ‘Betting Operation’ or/and ‘Betting Merchants’ buttons
6. Select the duration period of your-self exclusion. You can select among one week, one month, six months and permanently time options.

OKTO seeks to make payments in the betting and gaming field safer. Thus, we advise you to gamble responsibly and within your limits. If you have any concerns about your gambling activity, you may use the ‘Gambling Resources’ available in the ‘Help’ section of the app to access information, advice and support.

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