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How OKTO works on Gaming Machines?

Designed to meet all the niche demands of land-based gaming operators, OKTO’s software-driven omnichannel payment solution can be integrated with EGMs, VLTs, CRTs and other gaming machines, enabling users not only to pay fast, easy, safe and cashless, but also to monitor their transactions in real-time. Based on QR code technology ensures that the OKTO app is accessible by all smartphones.

To process a cashless QR code payment on a gaming machine the user should simply follow the steps below:

1. Select ‘PAY with OKTO’ on the gaming machine
2. Select ‘Scan QR code’ from the app’s Overview page, hold your phone up to the QR code and place the QR code inside the area
3. Scan will start automatically
4. Enter the deposit amount and tap ‘Confirm’
5. Once payment confirmation appears, check the balance on the gaming machine
6. Ready to Play

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