How to verify your Pay3000-Account?
The verification process usually takes a few minutes and helps us protect you against fraud and ensure that you can use all of the Pay3000 services and features in a safe and secure way. We’re required to ask all our customers to verify their accounts for compliance purposes, to provide and improve our services for them.
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According to desired KYC Level, you should submit the equivalent documentation.

1. Log in to your Pay3000 app
2. Go to Settings and tap the Raise limits section
3. Complete the verification process

Verification Levels and Requirements
Level 0 BasicLevel 1 StandardLevel 2 PremiumLevel 3 Platinum
Completion of your Pay3000 account registrationValid government issued ID/PassportProof of address documentsProof of Wealth and Funds documents
OTP authentication of your registered mobile phone and emailSelfie to verify your IDQuestionnaire AQuestionnaire B

Accepted types of documents:
Accepted Valid ID: National ID or Passport
Accepted proof of address documents:
• Utility bill (electricity, water, gas)
•Telecom bill for landline or Satellite TV
• Bank account statement
• Tax assessment
The documents should not be older than 3 months.
Accepted proof of Wealth and Funds documents:
Proof of Wealth and Funds documents to show that your income comes from a legitimate source. These could be Official Letter from the Employer, Recent Payslip, Loan from the bank, Evidence of Earnings, Bank statement and enquiry of the source of wealth and so on.

Check out Pay3000 Limits
Level 0 BasicLevel 1 StandardLevel 2 PremiumLevel 3 – Platinum
BettingBet Top UpMonth50.00 €Month2000.00 €Month10,000.00 €Month30,000.00 €
Bet Withdrawn/an/aMonthUnlimitedMonthUnlimitedMonthUnlimited

* Where applicable

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